Coming Soon… This Place!

Welcome to the new! If you’ve stumbled here from a link or you’re just jumping the gun with your bookmarks, thanks for coming by. The official live date for the website isn’t until Friday, May 6, and we’re working hard on sprucing up the place before then (the front page is looking a little dull, but we’re going to change that).

On Friday, we’ll kick off this new site with a new recurring series — a riff on Choose Your Own Adventure stories! I will offer up a 500-word short. At the end you will have choices on what to do next. Vote your selection in the comments or on Twitter (@JenLKirchner). Highest vote wins. The following Friday, I will post the next step in the story. I hope you will stick around for it!

In the meantime, please feel free to take a look around. We’ve moved a few posts over from the old blog just so the front page doesn’t look so dreary. Feel free to peruse, comment on posts, or pop over to Twitter and say hi.


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I write funny things.

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