Steven Montano & His Blood Skies

I wanted to take a moment and share some exciting news. If you’re enjoying the Vote Your Adventure world, I’ve got something that will be right up your alley.

Say hello to Steven Montano, guys. Steven is a writer friend of mine. He has written a handful of articles for Wizards of the Coast, as well as a few adventures that were published by Dungeons and Dragons. The guy is very skilled at creating a unique world and keeping you on your toes. So here’s the part I’m excited about: In the next couple of weeks, he will be releasing his fiction debut, Blood Skies.

What is Blood Skies, you ask? It’s a post-apocalypse, military story… with vampires.

I know. The first time I read that, I got so excited I almost wet my pants.

To gear up for the Blood Skies release, Steven has been publishing a teaser series on his site, called Tales from a Blood Earth. They are short and free and if you’re enjoying The Relic, you will like this. The first one will pique your interest and the second one will hook you. Go and check them out:

Tales of a Blood Earth — Part 1
Tales of a Blood Earth — Part 2
Tales of a Blood Earth — Part 3

There’s a contest on his site right now to win a free copy of Blood Earth. If you don’t win that one, never fear because I will be giving away two copies of his book.

That’s right; I will personally purchase two copies and give them away to Vote Your Adventure fans. Since Steven and I are three time zones away, he is asleep while I am typing this out and haven’t had a chance to tell him that I am doing this. (Hey, Steven — I’m doing a giveaway for your book. Cool? Okay, then.)

Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, go check out his flash series, Tales of a Blood Earth.

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