Part 5 Results & Blood Skies Giveaway

Sorry I’m a day late on getting the results out. Things have been very busy for me this week. In case you haven’t yet figured it out: This Friday you will search for the relic. It was a very close race for most of the weekend, but the relic pulled through with 15 votes.

A (Put up symbols): 11
B (Look for the relic): 15

We also did our first random drawing to give away a copy of Steven Montano’s Blood Skies. Basically we assigned each commenter a number in the order that you posted. Twitter voters were assigned numbers last. Then we used a random number generator to choose our winner. And the winner is…

(Drum roll)

Mira Sanz! Congratulations, Mira! Your copy of Blood Skies should be reaching you soon.

We’ll be giving away a second copy next week, too, so be sure to vote, as that’s how you enter to win.

Next week’s vote will be especially important because it will be the final vote for The Relic. Don’t worry, we’ll start another VOA. I want to keep these stories short so new people won’t have a lot to catch up on. Part 6 will be the final vote and Part 7 will be the big reveal/finale.

The Friday after the story ends, we’ll take a short break. Rather than a story, I’ll give you something else – a chart that reveals what the other choices in The Relic would have resulted in. The chart won’t go deep, it will only show the choices you’ve been given. A lot of you have expressed curiosity about this and I’m more than happy to share.

The following week, July 1, we will start a new story. Mark your calendars and tell your friends.

Lastly, if you’re enjoying these story shorts and you want a little more voting action throughout the week, you’re in luck. My writing partner, Mark Lidstone, has started a zombie-based VOA on his website. His runs opposite to mine, so when our voting closes, his next chapter is published. When his ends, ours begins. Part 1 of his zombie madness is over, but part 2 is up and running and the voting is open. Go and check it out – it would mean a lot to me if you did.

See you tomorrow for The Relic Part 6!

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