Part One Results – Site 27

Thanks to everyone who came out for the first round of our new adventure, Site 27. As you can see, we’re sticking to the same world as The Relic but this time, you’re accompanied by a small team of specialists.

As of yesterday morning, the vote was evenly divided and I was very concerned that we wouldn’t have a tie-breaker. Meanwhile, the troops felt the same way and worried their side of the vote wouldn’t pull ahead. I watched some interesting smack talk on Twitter between the feet-haters and those who feel the feet-haters are big sissies. My Twitter feed reached epic proportions. I feel bad for those who missed out in the conversation so for our Twitter followers, I’m going to commandeer the #site27 hashtag. If you’ve got something to say or a picture of a nasty, unkempt foot to share (you know who you are), throw it into #site27.

On that note, here are the results: We had a total of 32 votes. 4 of them were Tweeted in.

(A) Hatch #1 (unknown symbol & dismembered foot): 14
(B) Hatch #2 (opposing symbols & blood/scratches): 18

So the B’s have it. Sorry, foot-people.

My favorite votes were, surprisingly, all A votes. Unfortunately their creativity couldn’t swing the outcome in their favor:

Steven: I’m going with A. I like feet. And for some reason the second door creeps me out. Not in like a “Krusty the Klown creeps me out” sort of a way, but it still creeps me out. It’s just a foot, people, grow a spine!

Len Pipkin: in real ‘black-ops’ time, while processing data as it manifests– attempt to discern the meaning or value held within the origins and genesis of the #27… i.e.: whether a crafted clue, deception or utter obfuscation, again, the hatch chosen is a means to knowledge/not an end. begin to ascertain ’27′ via the following lenses: astronomy, music, harmonics, physics, art, religion; symboligy, cartogriphy, etc…

…just flipped a coin, heads, going down “A”

@Buzzregog I’m going for Hatch A (thinking the foot was ripped and thrown from the area of B)

How very astute, Buzz.

Thanks again to everyone for your participation! As a reminder, if you missed voting on Part One, come out for Part Two. It will be up Friday morning.

If you’re looking for a little more free, action-oriented fiction this week, here are my recommendations:

Steven Montano, Tales of a Blood Earth:

You’re probably tired of hearing me talk about this, but his flashfic series is excellent. Post-apocalypse with nasty, bloodthirsty vampires. Guns. Grenades. Warlocks. Hell yes. When I last mentioned Blood Earth, the series was in its infancy, just three chapters in. It’s now up to 10 chapters, and last week had my heart pounding. If you’re looking for something a little different to read, go check it out.

Mark Lidstone’s Zombies Vote Your Own Adventure:

If you missed out on where the story’s at thus far it’s pretty simple: There are zombies everywhere and “you” have been bitten. It doesn’t look good. This week’s episode is pretty gutsy and takes the story to a whole new level of panic. I hope we make it. Feel free to cast your vote if you feel so persuaded. (Ahem, you totally want to go under the knife…)

I’m kidding. Vote how you want.

The last one is a free short story by Albert Berg called Derelict. The suspense is what grabbed me about this short story. It starts out feeling very Event Horizon (1997 film), but without the epic gore. My only caveat is that the book needs better proofreading — there are a few typos and a couple of funny phrases. The end didn’t shock me as much as I was hoping and that could just be because I read a lot of SciFi. However, the suspense won me over. You have to download it either from or It’s also free, so if you get through Blood Earth and the Zombies VYOA and want more, check out Derelict.

See you on Friday for Part Two.

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