Part Three Results – Site 27

Ballot Box

I apologize for being a full day late on the results, gang. I’ll try to be more prepared for these in the future. Unfortunately, things just got away from me this week.

Before I post the results, I wanted to say welcome to everyone who has just joined us. I’m not sure if anyone else noticed the new names, but I certainly did. It’s good to have you with us!

And now, here’s how the votes stacked up. It wasn’t a complete landslide but, sadly, the vote was more slanted than I wanted. (You know how much I love those tight races to the finish line.) We also have a new type of vote this week. Len created the new “I Don’t Know” vote, and asked that we simply drag him along to wherever we go.

A (north to dormitories): 9
B (south to laboratories): 18
C (I don’t know): 1

This Friday, you will head to the laboratories. Hope you have enough ammo.

We had a lot of funny votes this week, but a lot of them are long, which makes it hard for me to post all of my favorites. You may want to go back through the comments on your own and peruse. To keep this relatively short, I just picked two:

Mark Lidstone: I’m going to have to go with the labs. For personal reasons. You see, I was working in the labs one night, it was kind of late, and my eyes caught something. It was rather eerie. I had this monster, he was laying on a slab, and he began to rise. But then, out of nowhere, he did the mash. The monster mash! It’s safe to say I was more than a little surprised.

Alan Edwards: Hmmmm. The labs are more likely to provide information about what was going on in the research facility. They are also more likely to contain a giant radioactive ravenous potato/human hybrid destined to eat us all. The dorms might give us a personal journal or something about the happenings. On the other hand, they might house a half-crazed one-footed lunatic survivor who makes cryptic remarks and cackles a lot. It’s a struggle, but I’ll go with B. Better a potato/human than a crazy dude with one foot.

And now for my fiction recommendations for the week:

Tales of A Blood Earth has concluded with Part 12. I’m sad to see it end, but am happy to report that its author is hard at work on a sequel to Blood Skies. If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of the first book, I recommend it.

Also, Mark Lidstone’s Zombie Vote Your Adventure has come to an end. Check out Runners and find out what kind of finish our votes have brought.

Thanks again, guys. I’ll see you back here tomorrow when we hit Site 27’s lower level and head to the labs.

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