Updates & A New Vote Your Adventure

I apologize for my absence, gang. While we were wrapping up “Site 27”, I was going through a few things that threw my schedule into a tailspin. That’s why some of the last chapters came late on Fridays, rather than first thing in the morning. (Sorry about that.) The deal was, my husband received a new job offer and we relocated, very suddenly, back to Seattle. It was sudden because he said he could start in 4 weeks.

Did I mention we were living in Upstate New York? For our non-North American friends, the two cities are on exact opposite sides of the country, 2600 miles apart.

We gave notice on our current jobs, put our house on the market, threw our cat in the car, and drove to Seattle. (Yes, we’re crazy.) I wanted to tell you what was happening, but I barely had enough time to write the “Site 27” finale, much less anything else. I figured you’d understand later. We’ve been here for about a week, living out of our suitcases, and trying to get settled. Hence this post and the apology.

I know I owe you a story tree for “Site 27”, and I’ll make you one as soon as I get my PC (creating Visio charts on a laptop and no mouse isn’t fun). I also owe you more updates and general communication. I do use Twitter a bit, but not everyone else does. Therefore, I’m making a promise to be a little more regular here. Regular posts shall commence on Wednesdays and Fridays.

And now what you’ve been waiting for. The most important question you guys have been asking and tweeting and emailing me is this: Will there be another Vote Your Adventure?

Yes! The next story starts on October 7. Mark your calendars.

I’ll have more information in my next update, but for now I will tell you that the next story will be set inside one of the underground cities. I also want to make this next story a little more involved, so I expect it to be longer than “The Relic” and “Site 27”.

Again, I apologize for leaving you guys hanging and I promise to be more regular with information sharing. Subscribe to the site by clicking the RSS icon in the upper right hand corner, and/or follow me on Twitter @JenLKirchner. If you have more questions or un-voted options on “Site 27” that you’re dying to know, just post in the comment section below and I’ll answer. You can also use the contact box in the sidebar.

Image courtesy of Michael Holden.

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11 thoughts on “Updates & A New Vote Your Adventure

  1. Congrats on your move, Jen. I hope all goes well with that. I can’t imagine picking up and driving across the country. Holy cow!

    I feel awful that I never got around to reading the last Vote Your Adventure run, but I’m very excited that you’re starting a new one. I have you in my RSS feed, so I will def follow the new story in October. Seriously can’t wait!


    1. Hi Kendall! No worries on previous stories. As soon as I get settled, we’re going to revamp the website a bit, making the older stories easier to read as a collection. The menu bar will be prominent at the top so readers won’t have to dig around, looking for older stories. I’m looking forward to your participation in the next story!


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