Part Two Results: The Mark

Ballot Box Well, I said I was going to punish everyone because of the sweeping landslide vote in Part 1, ensuring we all took the easy route. I hope you enjoyed the “crap” in Part 2. It was a lot of fun to write.

This week, you crawled through the processing area of an underground city that uses manure for fuel and electricity — and then fell right into one of the tanks. Not only are you waist-deep in crap (pardon the pun) but you’re running out of oxygen. The results are still pretty slanted, but not nearly the landslide of Part 1. (I hate landslide votes. They’re not nearly as fun!)

This week our votes were all cast on the site. And the results are… (drumroll)…

A (Have the team haul you up): 6
B (Crawl through the pipe): 14

Thanks to everyone who came out to vote!

A little housekeeping here — I know I still owe you for a Story Tree on Site 27. I haven’t forgotten. We just moved out of our corporate housing and we’ve been in our new apartment for about a week. Our PC’s aren’t hooked up yet. In fact, there are so many boxes in the house that I’m unable to even get to my desk. As soon as we’re settled, I’ll make the Site 27 Tree.

Come on back this Friday for the next installment of The Mark!

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