Sci-Fi Pinups: Mr. & Miss April 2012

PinCushion Step aside models and heartthrobs, it’s time to announce the Sci-Fi Pinups of April 2012!

This is the time of month when we cast our gaze upon deserving hotties from the Sci-Fi universe — these ladies and gents aren’t what you’ll find in your favorite Hollywood gossip magazine, and they certainly won’t be found in a swimsuit photo shoot. Science Fiction studs and studettes are of a completely different caliber, and are weighed by more than their looks and “assets”:

It’s about the size of their guns. Duh.

So let’s get started!

There’s no doubt that a good sci-fi woman is hard to find. Many women in the genre are busty helpless nitwits, waiting in the wings for a strong man to solve problems and shoot things.


Thankfully, Miss April will happily backhand those bimbos into the next galaxy. She’s brave, ambitious, and can kick your ass. Her turn-ons are big guns, shooting things, and invading alien-infested installations. Her biggest turn-off is being mistaken as a man. She is…

Private Vasquez

…Vasquez from Aliens!

I really appreciate Miss April because women don’t have a wide selection of strong females to look up to in the sci-fi universe. Vasquez is a lean, mean fighting machine who can show the men how it’s done. Miss April has serious survival skills.

Correction: had. She was doing just fine in the “staying alive” department until that nasty acidic blood/grenade incident. Still, she took it like a champ!

If you plan on taking Miss April out on a date, prepare to wear the dress. Because someone has to wear one and it sure as hell isn’t going to be her. Congrats again to Miss April!

And now for our Mr. April. Choosing Mr. April was incredibly tricky because we wanted hardcore machismo that could stand toe-to-toe with Miss April. We wanted an explosives expert, a soldier full of testosterone.

It wasn’t easy, but we found him.

Mr. April is tougher and braver than the competition. He’s always prepared for a fight and isn’t afraid of a little insubordination. His turn-ons are big guns, shooting things, and invading alien-infested installations. Turn-offs include sergeants who think they can take your ammo away. He is…

Vasquez Demotivational

…Vasquez from Aliens!

What, you’re surprised?

I’m not taking it back, but I will offer up a bonus: the Mr. April Runner Up!

Our Mr. April Runner Up is a fighter, not a lover. He’s always getting himself into bad situations, and really doesn’t care about getting himself out. Turn-ons are black leather, eye patches, and not dying from deadly viruses that have been unknowingly injected into his body. Turn-offs are the Duke of New York, Lee Van Cleef, and dying from deadly viruses that have been unknowingly injected into his body. (But hey, isn’t that everybody?)

He is…

Snake Plissken

…Snake Plissken from Escape from New York & Escape from L.A.!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s pinups. What do you think? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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Pincushion photo courtesy of Steven Depolo.

Published by Jen Kirchner

I write funny things.

13 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Pinups: Mr. & Miss April 2012

  1. LOVE these pics! I met Jeannette Goldstein years ago when Aliens first came out. She’s SUPER nice – a little shy, believe it or not. She also has green eyes and freckles. Nothing like Vasquez, but totally awesome. 🙂 And Snake Plissken rocks!


  2. Wow, another awesome round of selections! I loved Vasquez. Her final line is one of the best lines from that movie.

    And only Snake Plissken can make his feathered hair look badass.


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