May Is Snake Plissken Month

Snake PlisskenBlogging often requires research. Even my Sci-Fi Pinups require some, as I need to find a great photo and ensure my facts (for turn-ons and turn-offs) are correct. Web research can take just as much time as the writing but I don’t mind — especially if it’s for the pin-ups post. The pin-ups post makes people laugh and brings a sense of pride or nostalgia about a particular character in the science fiction universe. Mostly, I blog for you.

I know what you’re thinking: Biggest. Philanthropist. Evar.

So you can imagine my feelings of anger and betrayal when, on Sunday night, I was doing a little last minute research for the April Pin-Ups and clicked on a Snake Plissken fan site. And then the Snake Plissken fan site gave my computer a virus.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

What kind of a sick and twisted world do we live in where Snake Plissken fans are penalized for fandom? There has to be a place for Snake Plissken fans, a safe place where we can go and express our love for feathered hair and eye patches and not get a computer cootie in return.

This blog shall be that place.

That’s right, gang — for the month of May, it’s Snake Plissken month! All blog posts will reference Snake Plissken. We’ll do Snake fashion, Snake haikus, and we’ll find some Snake Plissken fan fiction. Or maybe we’ll write some. We could even do a progressive fan fiction, where a different person writes the next chapter. I’ll even do a Snake Plissken giveaway.*

Stick around for more SNAKE! Subscribe to the site for more Snake Plissken. You can also follow me on Twitter, where I might Tweet about Snake.

*Details on the giveaway will be posted as soon as I think of them.

Who’s in for more Snake Plissken? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

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11 thoughts on “May Is Snake Plissken Month

  1. Thank you, Jen. The world needs a refuge for Snake Plissken fans, free of viruses and evil. You are truly a beacon of hope in these dark, dark Internet days.

    And as an aside, my wife went to a company website to order their nutrition bars, a place we’ve been using for years. Their homepage infected her. We really don’t understand how that happens. We even assumed that it wasn’t the site, and went back two days later – reinfected. I hate hackers.


  2. “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

    I do believe that I will be printing a photo of Snake and hanging it somewhere in the house, so I can point at him when things go wrong and say the above.


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