Thanks, News, and Snake

Jen Plissken
Jen Plissken is always ready for action!
Why yes, that is my face ‘shopped onto Snake Plissken. Special shout out to Amber West for surprising me with that little gift. She even gave me a beard. Thanks, Amber!

I don’t do many personal posts so I apologize for a sudden change to the schedule, but I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate the support for Snake Plissken Month. The response was outrageous (obviously, since you’re seeing a picture of my face ‘shopped onto Snake Plissken). I loved that you guys were sharing the links — someone even submitted Part 3 to Stumbleupon. Honestly, it’s not the bump in site hits that excites me, it’s knowing you guys liked the story so much you wanted to share it. I write partly for me and partly for you, and all clearly won with Snake Plissken. You loved it! I’m all verklempt!

But seriously. Since the fanfic was such a hit, we’ll bring it back again in the future. Until then, I’m going to get back to a weekly writing schedule. I’ve been brainstorming new content and I think you’ll be amused with what’s coming.

And now for some news! It looks like you guys are going to get even more of me than before. I’ve been asked to become a contributor at the geek and pop culture site Blind Scribblings. This site is actually the successor to SlackerHeroes — now that SH is shutting down, the writers are continuing on at this swanky new site. The old site’s content has been imported to Blind Scribblings, and we’ll be live with new content on July 1. I plan on starting out by posting a monthly game review. So head on over there, check it out, and if you like it, subscribe. I look forward to seeing you guys over there.

By the way they made it sound, I might actually be the only new writer they invited to the team. No pressure, right?

Stay tuned for more entertainment! If you like what you’re reading, please subscribe. The RSS link is in the sidebar, and you can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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6 thoughts on “Thanks, News, and Snake

  1. Congrats Jen Plissken! (Like I’d miss your new moniker!) I can’t wait to read your articles, and I hope you give us links far and wide so we don’t miss them! 🙂

    I’m with Alan, keep using the new do! It fits your kick-ass style!


  2. The interwebs ate my comment! Anyhoo, very excited about your new blogging venture.

    And I’m always available for any updated versions of the already awesome Jen. 🙂


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