Sci-Fi Pinups: Mr. & Miss January 2013

Pin Cushion Hey gang, I apologize for the lack of updates. January has been a crazier month than I had expected. If you want to hear from me more often, I’m active on Twitter, and I’m also putting more effort into my Facebook page. Facebook is a little weird though, so if you want to follow me there, you’ll have to click the “like” button AND click the setting that subscribes you to all of my updates.

I have so much to tell you and I plan to give you a full update soon. In short, things are going well, especially with my debut novel, THE FOURTH CHANNEL. And I couldn’t have done it without you guys. I’m on top of the world right now.

Speaking of my book, it’s brought some new folks to the blog! So before we move on, I want to say welcome to all of the new readers. I’m thrilled to have you here. I hope you enjoy what we have in store for you.

Now, it’s a new year and that means a whole new calendar of hot science fiction and fantasy pinups. And we’ve got a whole new sexy pin-on-pincushion photo.

You’re welcome.

If this is your first time joining us for the sci-fi pinups, feel free to peruse the previous months via the link under “Categories” on the sidebar. And forgive me for all of the puns you’re about to see.

And now, without further ado, let’s introduce this month’s pinups!

Miss January is hypnotic and robotic, coming to us from the far future. Though she was originally created to help wipe out humanity, you can forgive her for that because she’s super hot. Also, she’s capable of ripping your head off with her bare hands. Best not to anger her. She is…

Terminator Cameron - Sarah Connor Chronicles wallpaper

…Cameron, the T-900 Series Terminator from The Sarah Connor Chronicles!

Miss January’s turn-ons are kicking ass, taking names, shooting people, breaking legs, and guys named John Connor. Her turn-offs include people trying to kill John Connor, unless she was reprogrammed by Skynet, in which case it’s not being able to kill John Connor. Also, she hates people trying to steal her leather jacket. I wouldn’t try it if I were you.

If you head out on the town with Miss January, remember to bring your laptop and an iron-clad escape plan.

For more of Miss January, watch this tribute video from one of her fans. Warning: bad music ahead.

Mr. January also has a nifty suit, but it’s not exactly a hyperalloy endoskeleton. Some crazy aliens gave it to him as a gift. While it can grant amazing superpowers to its wearer, Mr. January lost the instruction manual. Oops! Mr. January’s turn-ons are flying in a straight line, crash helmets, and saving the world. Turn-offs are bad guys, crashing into everything, and aliens who won’t give him a second copy of the instruction manual. He is…

The Greatest American Hero!

…Ralph Hinkley from The Greatest American Hero!

Honestly, I had to pick Ralph Hinkley at some point, because this show was a big inspiration for my novel. True story. A guy who has no idea how to use his superpower and must learn through trial and error? Absolutely. I heard Nathan Fillion would be interested in starring in a reboot of this show.


If you head out on the town with Mr. January, I suggest hitting the hair salon. Because, sadly, not even a crazy awesome super-suit can fix that crazy pubic hair on his head.

For more on Mr. January, here’s a fan-made montage. For those who have never seen the show, it’s a little long. For those of us who love it, it’s a bit of nostalgia.

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Pincushion photo courtesy of Lina-Sydney.

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