Sci-Fi Pinups: Mr. & Miss March 2013

Pin Cushion Well that was a heck of a blogging break. I have to admit, it was a little like Gilligan’s Island—it started as a three-hour tour…

But thanks for indulging me, gang. I suppose I just needed the brain-break. Tonight, I wrote up my two-month blogging plan. I have to get back into shape because next month is Snake Plissken Month.

Can’t miss Plissken month.

So stick around, because we’ve got some fun things brewing—a giveaway of my debut novel THE FOURTH CHANNEL (a #1 comic fiction bestseller—sounds strange to say), updates on its sequel, and possibly a new Vote Your Adventure. More on that later.

Right now, it’s time for the sci-fi pinups! If this is your first time joining us for the pinups, this is the monthly segment where we proudly name the hotties of the science fiction and fantasy universe, then shine a spotlight on their green skin and tentacles.

Or something.

Mr. March is a lean, mean fighting machine. Formerly a public servant, Mr. March now spends his time traversing alternate universes looking for other versions of himself… to kill. Turn-ons include spouting cheesy one-liners, hot girls who keep explosive rats in their high-heels, and hugging police officers with motorcycles. His turn-off is being number Two.

He is…

The One

…Yulaw from The One!

Here’s a short clip of Mr. March in action. Skip to 0:24 for the most hilarious line in the movie. Er, I mean serious. Very serious. You don’t think he heard me say that, do you?

Moving on before I get my butt kicked!

Miss March is a strong woman in uniform. She’s the only female officer among a crew of men, and she’s a total team player. Her turn-ons are cute alien children, being hired for Earth-bound acting gigs, and not being transported light-years away onto alien spacecraft. Turn-offs include cute alien children who turn out to be psychotic butchering murderers, not getting paid, and repeating a ship’s computer. Miss March has one job, and it’s stupid, but she’s gonna do it, okay?

She is…

Gwen DeMarco - Galaxy Quest

…Gwen DeMarco from Galaxy Quest!

If you head out on the town with Miss March, be sure to bring an extra beryllium sphere. It will save you the trouble of dangerous missions where crewmen without surnames are sure to be killed.

I couldn’t find my favorite clips of Miss March in action, but this one is good, too. It’s a great movie. Highly recommended.

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Pincushion photo courtesy of Lina-Sydney.

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