News, Giveaway, and the Kari Hunter Series

I have a few things to tell you; none of it flows in a decent order and I always feel silly talking about myself, so bear with me.

The number one question I’ve been getting these days is if there will be a sequel to THE FOURTH CHANNEL. The answer is yes—very much yes. I’m working on it right now and I’m excited about where the story is going. It starts nearly three months after THE FOURTH CHANNEL ends. It’s a little darker than the first book. Sure, it still contains a lot of the humor of the last book and you’re going to get more of the knives (rejoice!), but it’s feeling just a tad darker than TFC did. Maybe it’s just me?

As we get closer, I’ll be able to tell you more. We’ll do a little Q&A and I’ll answer your questions as best I can without giving away the good stuff. I even have a couple of teasers planned that will lead up to the book release. No title on the new book yet, but when I come up with one, you’ll be the first to know.

If you want to find out when the next book is available, there are a few ways to keep up with me. The primary way is this website. You’ll always get information here first. There’s also my social media links. And now there’s a new way to keep in touch with me—I have a newsletter. The newsletter will be quarterly and will probably be more focused on my book series than my blog is. So if you don’t care about sci-fi pinups or which Star Trek captain is best, but want to keep up with my books, then please sign up for the newsletter.

Also, I’m giving away three paperback copies of THE FOURTH CHANNEL! Hop on over to Goodreads and enter to win. The contest runs for two weeks.

Lastly, I’ve been around on the web. Here are some links in case you missed them:

Tiffany White interviewed me over on her “fabooolous” site. It’s probably the most I’ve ever opened up about myself. What can I say? Tiffany’s my Oprah: Author Jen Kirchner on Science Fiction, Necromancy, and her Talking Knives

Back in January, I wrote a guest article for author and editor Marcy Kennedy. I talked about my inspiration for the characters in THE FOURTH CHANNEL and how much Cinderella sucks: Do You Like A Little Contradiction In Your Characters?

Last, but certainly not least, Angela Wallace interviewed Stubby: Inside the Life of a Talking Necromancer’s Knife

Happy reading!

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5 thoughts on “News, Giveaway, and the Kari Hunter Series

  1. I’m down with darker! Not that there was anything lacking in the first book–it was awesome–but I am a big fan of dark, so this just sounds like good things getting better to me ;D


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