Mad Mashup/Happy Mother’s Day: Snake Plissken Style

Snake Plissken Mothers Day Card Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers out there, and happy Snake Plissken Month! I hope everyone’s feathered hair is holding up.

Last week we started a Mad Mashup, which is our version of “Mad Libs.” But in honor of Snake Plissken Month, we Snake-d it.


Anyway, all word submissions needed to be descriptive or honorific of Snake Plissken. If you’re unfamiliar with our gentleman of the month, we just wanted a word you’d identify a badass with.

We got enough words to do something special… something for our kick-ass moms:

A Snake Plissken Mother’s Day Card!

Just print out the little card at the top. On the back, hand-write this thoughtful, loving poem that we mashed up and… snakeified. Snaked? Snake-a-roonied?

Whatever. It’s totally touching and stuff.

Our submitted words are:

Snake Plissken Mad Mashup Word Submissions

You may have noticed that I removed a couple of the submissions. I wasn’t sure how they fit in with the Snake Plissken/badass theme. I did, on the other hand, accept “cheeseburger” because I think Snake would have appreciated a cheeseburger during both of his missions.

And here’s how our Mother’s Day poem/Snake Plissken Mad Mashup came out:

Snake Plissken Poem

Great job everyone! I’m feeling the love and I hope you are too. Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms out there!

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