Sci-Fi Pinups of November

Welcome back to the monthly pinups! Even if this your first time joining us, you probably have a general idea of what a pinups feature is: a list of babes whose drool-worthy looks will compel you to take their pictures into a private room and do dirty, dirty things.

This is not that kind of pinups list… weirdo.

No babe is honored on our Science Fiction and Fantasy Pinup list unless they’ve got the brains and all the right moves.

Being blue or green doesn’t hurt either.

So let’s announce our November 2017 pinups!

Mr. November runs to us from the future, where he’s the underdog on the hottest reality show. He spends his time running, trying to stay alive, running, clearing his name of a crime he didn’t commit, and running.

And did I mention all the running?

Mr. November’s turn-offs are being attacked with chainsaws, being attacked with flamethrowers, being electrocuted, and homicidal hockey fans. His turn-ons include staying alive and insulting shady game show hosts.

He is…

Ben Richards is... The Running Man!

…Ben Richards from Running Man!

When you’re out with Mr. November, you’ll spend your time running. And you’ll be doing it in a neon-yellow spandex suit, so let’s hope the gladiators who chase you are all colorblind.

Congratulations to Mr. November!

And now for our next pinup, Miss… uh, Mister… Wait a minute — this pinup isn’t bound by gender!

This hottie lived a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. They started out as one of the bad guys, but they were reprogrammed to be one of the good guys. So you know this hottie is on your side. Mostly. Probably. Okay, this hottie’s only helping you because the pilot said so.

Still, this pinup is dashing and daring, known to come to the team’s rescue. They’re a master analyst with superior tactics, and can be found flying around the galaxy wielding masterful insults.

They are…

…K-2SO from Star Wars: Rogue One!

This pinup’s turn-ons and turn-offs include… uh, nothing. K-2SO doesn’t have any because it’s a robot!

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Happy November everyone!

*Photo of K2SO courtesy of Star

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