Sci-Fi Pinups: Mr. & Miss January 2018

Hello, Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans! It’s time to kick off 2018 with the January pinups.

If you’re new to this series, this is the (mostly) monthly segment where we crown the hottest of the hot, the sexiest of the sexy, the most kissable of the, uh…

Hey, I write fiction, not poetry.

But you get the idea! Those who receive this honor will stand amongst our running line of pinups, including righteous time-traveling dudes, ass-kicking space Marines, and that one guy who’s really obsessed with mashed potatoes.

So let’s get to it!

Mr. January is an archeology professor who drives the girls wild, but he prefers to hang out in booby-trapped caves, searching for lost treasure. He spends his time being chased by gigantic boulders, aborigines, and Nazis, and trying not to get his face melted off by powerful ancient artifacts. His trusty leather whip never leaves his side. He is…

…Indiana Jones!

Actually, that’s not even his real name — Indy’s the name of his family dog! But whatever. He’s Mr. January so he can call himself whatever he wants.

Mr. January’s turn-ons include locating ancient treasure, not getting ancient treasure stolen from him by annoying Frenchmen, and not getting his beating heart ripped out of his chest. His turn-offs are Nazis and snakes. He’s been featured in three movies so far.

I SAID THREE! Crystal Skull is dead to me.

Now on to Miss January!

Miss January would probably tell you she’s from nowhere and everywhere, but she’s actually from a town called Purgatory. After bouncing around, she’s finally moved back home to the delight of absolutely no one. But at least now she can attend to family business. Just arm her with her great-great (great?) grandpappy Wyatt’s gun and let her at it. She is…

…Wynonna Earp!

Miss January’s turn-ons include alcohol, tight pants, more alcohol, and sarcasm. Her turn-offs include the demonic scum invading her town. If you head out on the town with Miss January, uh, just stand out of the way of her gun and get ready to run!

Congratulations to Mr. and Miss January 2018!

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Happy 2018, everyone!

Published by Jen Kirchner

I write funny things.

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