Kari Hunter #2 is COMING!

Hello from COVID-19 Ground Zero in the U.S.! I hope everyone is staying safe and washing their hands. Is this the point in our relationship when we open up about bathroom habits and find which of you stockpiled all the toilet paper?

Indiana Jones Toilet Paper

Hopefully, you weren’t compelled to do that. Keep calm and bidet on! Or something.

The Spouseditor and I are doing our part to stay safe and maintain social distancing, and we’re staying connected to everyone via video conferencing. But we aren’t staying completely sequestered or we may go crazy. This weekend, we took a nice walk in the park together for a little fresh air and sun. We just tasered anyone who tried to hug us. (Kidding.)

We’re also working on wrapping up Kari Hunter book #2, The Necromancer’s Knives! Despite some setbacks, we’re on track to get this book out and in your (sanitized) hands at the end of the month! That’s less than two weeks away! Are you READY?


Necromancer Kari Hunter is now one of the world’s most wanted. To protect her, her sacrificial knives have decided to take matters into their own hands.

Their plans might’ve had a chance if they actually had hands.

The tour for Kari’s comeback album is brought to a screeching halt when a serial killer starts targeting her fans. Kari returns home to discover her necromancer alter-ego is one of the most wanted fugitives in the world. To stay alive, all she has to do is lay low and pretend she’s not the necromancer everyone’s looking for.

Unfortunately, nothing about Kari screams subtlety.

Her friends and family aren’t helping, either. When her cousin casts a spell that’s never been seen before, Immortal Intelligence connects the dots. They break into Kari’s house and give her an ultimatum: become a weapon of the Immortal State or die.

Kari was never good at taking orders.


I can’t wait for you to read it.

While all this is happening, I’m making great progress on the Mikelis novella. This is a prequel to the Kari Hunter series told from necromancer Mikelis Priedis’s point of view. In this story, you’ll see when Kari and Mikelis come face to face for the first time. I’m quite excited.

As promised, this story will be free for all my newsletter subscribers. If you’d like a copy, sign up to get alerts on new books and receive extra freebies like Mikelis’s story.


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