Saturday Night Necromancy Coming December 2020

Hey gang! This note is a long time coming, but I want to say thank you for the awesome response to the second book in the Kari Hunter series, The Necromancer’s Knives. Finally putting this book into your hands was an indescribable joy. Thank you for continuing Kari’s wild journey.

If you left a review for The Necromancer’s Knives on Amazon, thank you. At present, the book has 23 ratings, and fewer reviews. If you enjoyed the book, I’d be grateful if you could spend just five minutes leaving an honest review on Amazon. It doesn’t have to be long or elaborate; a short review is great! All you have to do is go to the book page, then click “write a customer review.” 

So, what can you read next?

I’m so glad you asked. Kari Hunter #3 is plotted and I’m working through the first draft right now. But before book #3 comes out, I have a very special release next month…

It’s a novel about necromancer Mikelis Priedis called Saturday Night Necromancy.

It will be in Mikelis’s point of view. He’s antisocial! He’s trigger-happy! And he’s stalked religiously by a serial-killing voodoo master—but only on Saturdays.

This story takes place about a decade before the first Kari Hunter book, The Fourth Channel… and you’ll get to see what happens the first time Kari and Mikelis came face to face.

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After shunning immortal civilization for more than a decade, necromancer Mikelis Priedis returns at the request of the Principal Conservator, who tosses a case in his lap. What initially seems like a minor conflict is actually more sinister than anyone realizes and dates back to the time of the Crusades. When someone winds up dead, Mikelis is the primary suspect—and may not live long enough to clear his name.


Published by Jen Kirchner

I write funny things.

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