Release Day: Saturday Night Necromancy


Sorry for shouting—I’m excited. And can you blame me? This story was born from an old request from a reader to know more about the origins of Mikelis and Kari’s relationship. That sounded like a great idea to me, so I immediately went to work. However, after multiple attempts and many discarded plots, I threw this story in the trash and said, “Forget it!”

Years passed, and the idea kept calling to me. So, late last year, I sat down with a pen and a notebook, determined to give Mikelis his own story.

I’m so glad that I persevered because I really fell in love with this book. While writing, I was constantly surprised and delighted by the things Mikelis said and did. Being in his head was so much fun that I was sad when the story ended.

It’s now available on Amazon in ebook form. Grab your copy today!

Hello, Mikelis!

The world’s most notorious necromancer knows how to party. Depending on your definition of “party.”

After shunning immortal civilization for more than a decade, necromancer Mikelis Priedis returns at the request of the Principal Conservator, who tosses a case in his lap. What initially seems like a minor conflict is actually more sinister than anyone realizes and dates back to the time of the Crusades.

When someone winds up dead, Mikelis is the primary suspect—and may not live long enough to clear his name.

Available on Amazon in ebook form. Paperback copies will be available in about a week.

Happy reading and Happy New Year!

Published by Jen Kirchner

I write funny things.

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