How about a free book?

I’m excited to announce a new book release! Stone Cold Necromancy. It’s the newest in the Kari Hunter universe, technically book 2.5:

What happens when an infamous necromancer gets a prank call?

Mikelis Priedis is an immortal necromancer. Most people react to Mikelis with extreme fear and keep a wide berth… unless they have a death wish.

So when Mikelis gets a random call from the James River Slayer, he thinks it’s a joke and hangs up. Mikelis soon realizes the call was no mistake—the notorious serial killer has taken his closest friend and turned the situation into a sick game.

Armed with his talking sacrificial knife, Mikelis has 24 hours to rescue his friend and show a serial killer just how cold a necromancer can be.

You can expect action-packed comedy goodness and a lot of talking sacrificial knives. And the best part about this book? I’m giving it to my newsletter subscribers for free.

I know what you’re thinking: Hold up, Jen. Did you say free?

I sure did. Stone Cold Necromancy is an exclusive Kari Hunter story, only available through my mailing list. So, if you love my books and want to subscribe for new release alerts, sneak peeks, coming-soons, and so much more, then you’re in luck — because you can do that and get my new book for free.

To sign up, just click the button and tell me where to send your free book:

Thanks for subscribing and happy reading!

Published by Jen Kirchner

I write funny things.

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