I’ve been busy! I got promoted. I moved. And more! The Spouseditor and I have had a lot of life stuff going on and I wasn’t able to share it yet. But I’m doing great and, rest assured, I’ve been hard at work on books for you. So, I’m breaking my radio silence with a book update.

If you subscribe to my new release alerts, you know I’ve been working on a new trilogy outside of the Kari Hunter universe. The series’ working title is The Magic Engineering Interns Handbook. The first book is undergoing edits, and I’ve started book 2.

I love this series so much. It allows me to explore comedy and adventure in a way that I don’t get to with the Kari Hunter books. They’re magic, technology, adventure, action, and a vending machine robot who won’t take no for an answer. 

The releases of these books are all dependent on how fast I can finish Kari 3, so they’re currently TBD. 

Speaking of Kari Hunter, work on book 3: Rambo Boogaloo continues! I’d hoped to have the book done by now, but when I reached the end of draft #2, I had a new idea for the ending, and it changed a lot of the book. I knew this meant we needed a third draft.

The disappointing thing about an awesome new idea is that writing the book takes longer. It’s probably harder on me than anyone—believe me, no one wants these books written and published more than me. But when I get a really amazing idea that I know you’re going to love, I need to pull a Mikelis and whip a U-turn where the sign says NO U-TURN

Although it means a few more months of work, I’m even more excited about the story than before. This draft is The One. Like, I’m gonna ask it out for dinner and a movie, then take it home to meet my parents. Propose.

Too weird?

Anyway, I’m on draft #3 and this is the version that will go to edits.

If you’re wondering how to stay on top of my new releases, don’t stress it. It’s simple and you don’t have to work too hard. You can do any of these:

1. Subscribe to my new release alerts. You’ll receive email alerts when my new books come out and you’ll receive a free book. Yes, the book has talking sacrificial knives in it. You can’t go wrong. Just click the link and pop in your email address.

2. Subscribe to my blog. I always post when I release a new book, so you’ll hear about it right away. Just scroll to the bottom of my site and you’ll find the subscribe info. For some reason, this blog style makes the subscribe info abnormally HUGE. You can’t miss it.

3. Subscribe to my Amazon author page. On the left side, there’s a yellow “follow me” button. Just click it.

Or you can do all three, because there are perks to each.

Talk soon!


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One thought on “I’M ALIIIIIIIIVE: A Book Update

  1. Wooo can’t wait for more kari, i love love this series and its defo been long awaiting but that just means its going to be absolutely amazballs and your new series sounds cools looking forward to it.


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