New Series Announcement: Interns of Magic Engineering

Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen: it’s time for a new book release! 

In December, I’m dropping the first book in a brand new trilogy called Interns of Magic Engineering. It’s a wild and hilarious ride. 

The interview from hell.

Charlie Temple needs a reset. After spending the last fifteen years in a dreadful dead-end job, she’s getting a degree in Magic Engineering Technology—and a new career inventing extraordinary magical gadgets for the everyday mage. But life isn’t cheap, and her plan only works if she can score a paid internship at a famous yet secretive magic tech company. 

Thanks to an administrative mixup, Charlie fails the interview. Spectacularly. But before her fate is determined, the building is stormed by mercenary mages and everyone is taken hostage—

Except for Charlie and three other intern candidates who get missed in the roundup. 

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The mages want access to the company’s Vault. Few people know the Vault exists, and even fewer know what it contains. There’s only one employee badge with clearance to reach the Vault, and Charlie just found it.

Charlie and her team of wannabe interns are the hostages’ only hope. 

They’re trapped deep inside a building packed with strange magic and hidden dangers. The only exit is guarded. The only Batphone is hidden. The emergency map requires a PhD in origami. The company’s sentient vending machine is stalking them…

And the guy barricaded in the server room just gave away their location. 

For action, comedy, hijinks, magical gadgets, and deranged vending machine robots, join Charlie Temple on her first wild adventure.

This is a completely new series, not a part of the Kari Hunter universe. They’ve been incredible to write because they allow me to use comedy in ways that I can’t with the Kari Hunter series. I love these books so much. 

Book 1 will be out on December 6, and you can go to Amazon and order it right now: Yeah! I want A Master of Magical Machinery!

It’ll be available as an ebook and in Kindle Unlimited. After the whole trilogy is released (in 2023) the collection will be available in paperback. I’ll keep you posted.

A quick sidenote: Kari Hunter book 3 is still in the pipeline. My goal is to publish the Interns trilogy in the next few months, so I made the tough decision to put Kari 3 on hold for a little while. Believe me, no one wants these books finished and published more than me. I’ll get back to Kari soon. Stay tuned.

I hope you’re as excited about A Master of Magical Machinery as I am! I have a smile on my face when I write this series, and I truly hope it puts a smile on yours, too. 

That’s it. That’s my sales pitch. If the Interns of Magic Engineering books make you smile, we both win. 

Here’s the preorder link again so you don’t have to scroll around looking for it: A Master of Magical Machinery.

Until next time,


P.S. To answer my most-asked question: Yes, the crazy stalking vending machine is in the entire trilogy. I mean, of course it is. It’s me you’re talking to. 

P.P.S. If you’re as excited about this book as I am, join my new-release mailing list. In a few days, you’ll get an exclusive first look at chapter 1. Just click here and tell me where to send it: Sign me up for the list!

P.P.P.S. These are fun to write!

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I write funny things.

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