Get Ready for a Madhouse of Magical Malfunction

I hope you’re ready, because book 2 in the Interns of Magic Engineering series, A Madhouse of Magical Malfunction, is coming soon! Charlie and the gang are back for their first day as magic engineering interns, and everything at LIORA, Inc. is in absolute chaos. 

Mondays, am I right? 

The job from hell.

After barely surviving the interview, Charlie Temple’s starting her new life as a magic engineering intern at a famous yet secretive magic tech company. But her dreams might be shattered by mysterious magic surges wreaking havoc through the building.

The situation turns deadly when the magic surges target Charlie.

No one knows what’s triggering the surges or how to stop them. With the danger escalating, the entire building might be shut down—and then Charlie will be out of a job, along with everyone else.

Charlie and her team of interns throw themselves headfirst into danger, looking for the source of the surges and whatever—or whoever—is behind them.

The company’s equipment is trying to kill them. A certain vice president is out to stop them. The only tools available are what they can scavenge from the defective product racks. Employees are starting to act strangely… 

And Charlie thinks the vending machine is watching them.

For action, comedy, hijinks, magical gadgets, and deranged vending machine robots, join Charlie Temple on her next wild adventure.

The book is out on March 14. You can preorder your copy here: Gimme a Madhouse of Magical Malfunction!

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Published by Jen Kirchner

I write funny things.

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