New Series Announcement: Interns of Magic Engineering

Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen: it’s time for a new book release!  In December, I’m dropping the first book in a brand new trilogy called Interns of Magic Engineering. It’s a wild and hilarious ride.  This is a completely new series, not a part of the Kari Hunter universe. They’ve been incredible toContinue reading “New Series Announcement: Interns of Magic Engineering”

Kari Hunter Series Easter Eggs

Let’s talk Easter eggs! Before I sit down to write a new Kari Hunter book—before I even start the first page—there are four important elements that must be decided.  No, it’s not the plot or the main villain. These four items are unique to the Kari Hunter universe, so you won’t see them anywhere else. Continue reading “Kari Hunter Series Easter Eggs”

How about a free book?

I’m excited to announce a new book release! Stone Cold Necromancy. It’s the newest in the Kari Hunter universe, technically book 2.5: What happens when an infamous necromancer gets a prank call? Mikelis Priedis is an immortal necromancer. Most people react to Mikelis with extreme fear and keep a wide berth… unless they have aContinue reading “How about a free book?”