Kari Hunter Book 2 Cover Reveal and Q&A!

The cover for the second Kari Hunter book is here! Behold, The Necromancer’s Knives:

Oooooh! Aaaaah! WHOOOOOOAH!

Okay, the third word is supposed to be “OH,” but if I spell it out correctly, it just looks like the “ooh.” Ooh, ah, ooh? That doesn’t make any sense. You get WHOA! We’ll all channel our inner Keanu for a moment.

Anyway, The Necromancer’s Knives will be out in the next few months and I. Can’t. Wait! You know, so I can start the whole rigamarole with the third book. We’re currently in the beta feedback stage and then it will go through edits. I honestly don’t know how long that will be, but I’ll keep you peppered with teasers and information until we get there.

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The Fourth Channel Second Edition is Coming

I’m very excited to announce that on May 5 I’m releasing the second edition of The Fourth Channel! The story is the same, but the first five chapters are reordered and rewritten, and there’s a minor tweak to chapter six so everything connects. I think you’ll find a few new surprises inside…

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