Part Two Results – Site 27

Ballot Box

Site 27 Part Two voting has come to a close. It seems everyone is enjoying the new story and I’m glad for that. My intent for Site 27 is to be a lot more “fun” than The Relic. Not sure I can elaborate on that without spoiling anything, but I hope you find the adventure uh, fun.

The voting for this week was practically a landslide. Either you really hated the idea of encountering the severed foot again, or you really think I’m going to reveal all when we get to the mainframe.

HA HA! You guys are hilarious!

Part One Results – Site 27

Thanks to everyone who came out for the first round of our new adventure, Site 27. As you can see, we’re sticking to the same world as The Relic but this time, you’re accompanied by a small team of specialists.

As of yesterday morning, the vote was evenly divided and I was very concerned that we wouldn’t have a tie-breaker. Meanwhile, the troops felt the same way and worried their side of the vote wouldn’t pull ahead. I watched some interesting smack talk on Twitter between the feet-haters and those who feel the feet-haters are big sissies. My Twitter feed reached epic proportions.

The Relic: Story Tree

Last Friday when The Relic finale was published, the site stats jumped to an all-time high. To say I was surprised doesn’t quite explain it well enough. The stat jump told me that you guys just couldn’t wait to see how the story turned out and… Wow. I really couldn’t ask for more. From an author’s perspective, there’s no greater reward. Screw a six-figure book deal — your excitement for The Relic had me on Cloud Nine for days. I truly hope you guys enjoyed the ride as much as I did.

Now that The Relic is over, I want to debunk any rumors or crazy ideas that there was only one outcome to this story. There wasn’t. And to those of you who were irritated at constantly losing the vote, I have a special treat: The Relic voting tree. Now you’ll know what awaited you down the unchosen path.