Sci-Fi Pinups: Mr. & Miss April 2012

PinCushion Step aside hotties and heartthrobs, it’s time to announce the Sci-Fi Pinups of April 2012!

This is the time of month when we cast our gaze upon deserving hotties from the Sci-Fi universe — these ladies and gents aren’t what you’ll find in your favorite Hollywood gossip magazine, and they certainly won’t be found in a swimsuit photo shoot. Science Fiction studs and studettes are of a completely different caliber, and are weighed by more than their looks and “assets”:

It’s about the size of their guns. Duh.

Sci-Fi Pinups: Mr. & Miss March 2012

PinCushion In the NICK OF TIME! I bet you thought I forgot about the monthly pinups. No, I didn’t forget about them at all — I was just having a really tough time choosing.

In this segment, I pick two well-deserving characters from the science-fiction/fantasy universe. If this is your first time checking out the monthly sci-fi pinups, check out our hot selections for January and February.

Until now, we’ve been looking entirely at movie and TV hotties. For this month’s pinups, I wanted a different medium. So I searched through comics, cartoons, and games. Plenty of potentials were available, but the winners were clear.

Sci-Fi Pinups: Mr. & Miss February 2012

PinCushion Step aside, George Clooney and Heidi Klum — the sci-fi pinups are back by popular demand!

Crowning this month’s Mr. and Miss was no simple task. I had no idea how I was going to top a three-breasted chick and a deranged super-human whose name you’ll enjoy screaming either in the throes of passion or as he’s trying to stuff a gigantic, brain-controlling bug in your ear. Lucky for us, the universe is vast and full of weirdness, giving us plenty to choose from.

This month’s sci-fi babes are out of this world — and they each have their own theme songs.

Sci-Fi Pinups: Mr. & Miss January 2012

PinCushion During my Kirk vs. Picard article, I made a statement about breasts not being magical. Many of our straight male readers, being the Breast-Defenders they are, contacted me right away to explain how wrong I was. They were emphatic and persistent and eloquent. Surprisingly enough, it put men and the topic of breasts together in close quarters and yet it did not reduce any of these men to gibbering, drooling, cat-calling simpletons.

Breasts, they said, are totally magical. And a few of them repeatedly demanded that I retract my statement.