The Fourth Channel: Cover Reveal and Chapter One!

Okay, gang. I promised a cover reveal for my first novel, THE FOURTH CHANNEL, and I’m going to deliver. The novel is very close to being finished. All that’s really left to do is wrap up the edits and let you read it.

I’m nervous and excited. I mean, you all know how nervous I get just posting “Ridiculous Fan Fiction” on my site, and that isn’t serious. The novel’s a whole different ball of wax. So, yeah. I’m nervous. Over the last year, I’ve worked hard at creating a “platform” with blogging and social media. I’ve met so many of you who enjoy my goofy articles. It’s because of you and your amazing feedback that I keep writing and thinking of more ways that I can entertain, not just you, but me, too.

But the book release is the moment of truth: are you going to like my book?

God, I hope so.

Apocalyptic Camels & Red Shirts: Crown of Ash Release

Given that my posting frequency is on the light side and I don’t talk much about my writing projects, you probably don’t know that my days revolve around writing. Not only do I work daily on my own novel (in fact, it’s finished!), but I also work with a lot of other writers, providing feedbackContinue reading “Apocalyptic Camels & Red Shirts: Crown of Ash Release”

2012 Writing Resolutions: The Derp Lists

Xzibit Yo Dawg Derp I’ve noticed an interesting trend: A lot of blogs like to regurgitate other blogs’ topics. Annoying, yes. But what’s more annoying is the latest topic that’s making the rounds. It’s the resolutions for having a healthy writing life in 2012.

I’m naturally interested in such a list because I want to be a more productive, more successful writer in the new year. My goals for 2012 involve writing a couple more Vote Your Adventure stories, blogging a bit more frequently, and releasing a novel. Maybe two. I’ve got my work cut out for me, so I was naturally compelled to click a few of these links to find out how I can be a better writer.

Updates, Edits, and Pantsing

Witty snippets and funny photos are at bare minimum today, gang. My brain’s been focusing on too many other things and the blog was put on hold for a few days. I know the rule of thumb is to make sure a blog has regular content 2 – 3 times a week, but let’s face it: when I don’t feel like it, I’m not going to force it. Still, I do want to give everyone an update on what I’m up to.