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For years, Kari Hunter’s fooled the world into thinking she’s just your average rock star, but Kari has a secret she keeps from her family, friends, and fans…

Kari Hunter is a necromancer.

The rarest and most powerful of all magic-born, necromancers are notorious for leaving a trail of sacrifices in their wake.

But Kari isn’t interested in hurting anyone. Everyone she stabs gets a bandage and a lollipop, and whenever her talking sacrificial knives get too excited by the prospect of violence, she puts them in time-out… in her lingerie drawer.

One epic resignation letter and a baffling prophecy are all it takes to start unraveling her secret. When an agent of voodoo master Ruairí O’Bryne catches Kari using her powers, her secret’s out.

And when Ruairí finds out who Kari is, he’ll stop at nothing to make her his next sacrifice.

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NecromancersKnives_web Kari Hunter #2: THE NECROMANCER’S KNIVES

The tour for Kari’s comeback album is brought to a screeching halt when a serial killer starts targeting her fans. Kari returns home to discover her necromancer alter-ego is one of the most wanted fugitives in the world. To stay alive, all she has to do is lay low and pretend she’s not the necromancer everyone’s looking for.

Unfortunately, nothing about Kari screams subtlety.

Her friends and family aren’t helping, either. When her cousin casts a spell that’s never been seen before, Immortal Intelligence connects the dots. They break into Kari’s house and give her an ultimatum: become a weapon of the Immortal State or die.

Kari was never good at taking orders.

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