The Kari Hunter Series

Book 1

The world’s worst necromancer. Talking sacrificial knives.
It’s all fun and games until someone gets dead.

Book 2

Kari’s knives have decided to take matters into their own hands.
Their plans might’ve had a chance if they actually had hands.

The Prequel

How Kari and Mikelis finally met might be exactly how you’d expect:
A little romance and a lot of explosions.


Mikelis has only 24 hours to rescue Principal Conservator Luucas Mikkelson, his oldest and closest friend, from the James River Slayer.

This race against time calls for special assistance—and some WWE-style commentary—from Mikelis’s talking sacrificial knives.

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Interns of Magic Engineering

Book 1

The interview from hell.

Book 2

Charlie’s back for more.
Available March 14, 2023!

Book 3

Interning ain’t easy.
Coming in 2023!