May I Introduce You…

Every week for the next 10 weeks I will be featuring a friend’s blog. They will get the totally awesome “Kreative Blogger Award” from me and an eager endorsement. Sure, these web awards are about as legit as the MTV Awards, but it’s the thought that counts.

This week’s award goes to: Mark Lidstone!

The Kreativ Blogger Award

I met Mark on Twitter a few weeks ago. He writes horror short stories and features them on his blog. In fact, that’s all his writing blog is: A place to feature his awesome stories. His current series is called “Killing Friends” where he, well, kills his friends.

Come to think of it, maybe being friends with Mark isn’t such a great thing.

Anyway, congratulations to Mark! To see his writing blog, click here.

Social Networking and Me (and You)

Platform! Branding! Social Media! Twitter! LinkedIn! Facebook!! Fame! Success! Numbers! Strategy! Network! Globalize! Promote! Sell!

Whoa there, pal. I have a headache and I didn’t even get through ten percent of the social networking buzzwords.

I’ve always been a computer person. I grew up in the Seattle area and computers were the norm. My grandparents had Pong (sweet!). I got an Atari 2600 for Christmas (back in the day when it came bundled with Pac Man and Combat!) and I was hooked. My brother and I spent hours camped out in the den in sleeping bags, beneath a ramshackle fort we had created, playing video games.

And I was awesome at this. P.S. This guy is doing it wrong.

Some of my best friends were met in online video games. I even met my spouse in a video game. (Embarrassingly enough, it’s true — and we’re coming up on 7 years of marital bliss.) When online life was new, most of my friends shunned me, saying they’d never understand. At one point, a group of them came over and tried doing an intervention. And where are they now?

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