Breaking News: Cookie Monster Cheats!

Cookie MonsterSunny days can’t sweep these clouds away. The once-friendly neighborhood of Sesame Street, where doors are typically open wide, has been rocked by scandal. The residents of Sesame Street have lived here for many years and have come to know each other very well — or so they thought. As it turns out, one resident of this sweet-smelling neighborhood has been keeping a terrible secret.

Neighbors have noticed Cookie Monster’s frequent trips late at night, supposedly to pick up cookies. And though stores on Sesame Street close promptly at 6:00 PM, residents were just too polite to ask Mr. Monster what he was up to. The rumor mill was hard at work trying to guess what the late jaunts were about. But no one could have guessed what lies lurked beneath the smiling, furry blue exterior. In fact, one resident had to see it for himself.