Short Stories

From 2011 – 2013, I wrote a weekly series of Vote Your Adventure stories that allowed readers to vote on the next step in the quest. To read each story in its entirety, click on the title. To read each chapter separately and see the story choices, click the chapter numbers.

The Relic

Part 1: You awake in a strange, abandoned building with no recollection of how you got there. You have no radio and no weapon — and you are not alone.

Part 2: You get flushed out and find a strange message written in blood.

Part 3: Curiosity killed the cat… and possibly you, too.

Part 4: You’re sandwiched between two ancient evil demons and you aren’t feeling the love.

Part 5: You buy yourself some time and contemplate artistry with demon blood.

Part 6: The demon finds you. Before you can make your last stand, you must first choose your weapon.

Part 7: You fight the demon and find a cavalcade waiting for you.


Site 27

Part 1: Your team arrives at the coordinates to Site 27. You develop an aversion to severed feet.

Part 2: You break into the facility. Your instruments malfunction and the lights go out. Then things get weird.

Part 3: The research topics in Site 27 raise some eyebrows. You’re paid a visit by an enormous black sword.

Part 4: You learn what happens when Human Resources isn’t available to mediate employee relationships.

Part 5: Someone’s been taking end-time prophecy a little too seriously… or not seriously enough.

Part 6: The fate of the world rests in your hands. Literally.

Part 7: You and the tracker have a disagreement. You express your feelings to the Second Rider of the Apocalypse.


The Mark

Part 1: You arrive at the enemy city. You’re forced to rethink your tactics.

Part 2: Things get sneaky. Then they get smelly.

Part 3: You meet a new friend who isn’t very friendly.

Part 4: You survive the tunnels and go after new equipment.

Part 5: Your prized goggles show you a whole new world.